I am so in love with the fact that Benedict has a whole bunch of Pink Floyd shirts. They’re basically my all time favourite band or certainly right up there and every time I see him wearing one I do a sort of double fangirl as two of the greatest things in my world collide.

Same here!! <3

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Benedict wearing a Pink Floyd tee&#8230; my life is complete.

Benedict wearing a Pink Floyd tee… my life is complete.

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One of my favorite shots ever.


The Howling Commandos Files - Italy, 1943

collected by the SSR and preserved in the memoir “The War Was In Color,” coming soon

"Damnit, Bucky! These are official!"

"Then you’re officially a jerk."

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Benedict in Monaco, interviewed by RTL Deutschland. His second race of the year, I’m SO jealous!


WHAT DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT RAIN??? SHE F*CKING SPANISH! Sorry, all frustrations from this weekend are coming out XD #48hdownpour


high res version. open each in new tab.

I extracted these from my digital edition of High Life. Please link back if you want to repost!

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